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California Solar Power Rebates and Tax Incentives

Depending on where your home or business is located and who your electrical utility provider is, there are many state, local, and utility company rebates available that incentivise the integration of solar power systems.  Along with local, state, and federal tax incentives, thees rebates significantly reduce the cost of implementing residential and commercial solar power systems.  

In California, residential and commercial customers receive rebates through the California Solar Initiative (CSI) program and, through 2016, a 30% federal tax credit.  Depending on the cost of the system and other site-specific variables, these incentives can typically cover over 40% of the cost of a commercial or residential solar system. 

You can also find rebate programs in over 75% of US States, State corporate tax incentives in 50% of US States, personal tax incentives in 44% of US States, and numerous other incentives throughout the country.  For a comprehensive guide to solar power incentives and other renewable energy incentives in your area, go to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE) at http://www.dsireusa.org/

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