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Pre-Packaged Systems

Do-It-Yourself Solar Power Systems

California Solar Electric Company offers custom pre-packaged, pre-engineered, solar systems for both off-grid and grid-tied solar electric system projects.  Although we highly recommend that all solar electric systems be installed by trained professionals, we recognize that there are those who have the skills necessary for a do-it-yourself solar project.  We can offer a competitive quote on equipment only or your pre-packaged solar system may also include whatever level of supporting documentation your project requires.  Supporting materials are created custom for your project and are billed per the hour of involvement in your project.  Such services include professional engineering, custom solar system design, custom installation and maintenance manuals, system performance projections, financial payback analysis, plans drafting, and building permit application submittals.  Where useful, our pre-packaged systems may include pre-wired component panels and equipment assemblies to simplify your installation.  You may also purchase these services a la carte if you have already purchased a system or wish to buy your equipment elsewhere.  Feel free to call us for a preliminary discussion of your project or use our General Inquiry Form to describe your project and the services that you require.
Solar power system photo